tai elshorst

artist | art therapist


Tai Elshorst is an artist and art therapist M.A. She graduated from the Fine Art Academy Städelschule Frankfurt in 2001. For the past 25 years she has been working in various creative and psychosocial fields for numerous projects and with clients of all ages: in schools, international trade fairs as well as psychosocial institutions. In 2017 she graduated from the Fine Art Academy Berlin Weißensee with a M.A. in Art Therapy. She was awarded the Joachim Baumgarten Prize for the best grade point average. She lives and works in Berlin. She also has a German HP pracitioner for psychotherapy licence. Connect on instagram

Professional Fields include:

  • Psychodynamic oriented Art Therapy
  • Art therapist: children, youth and young adult psychiatry
  • Lecture: Cultural humility in art therapy – transcultural topics
  • Lecture: Development of artistic expression
  • Student Supervision
  • Freelance artist and art instructor
  • Skills: ceramics, watercolour, drawing, painting, graphic design
  • Process oriented: experimental material research and multi dimensional illustration